Windows 7 Reaches First Birthday

Happy Birthday Windows 7!

Windows 7

It’s no secret that we just love Windows 7 here at interconnect IT.  So, apparently, does almost all of the rest of the world!

Now, by the time a baby has turned one, she’s probably already walking, having just come out of the crawling stage.  Not so for our little baby…Windows 7 bolted out of the gates at birth, and has shown itself to be a stable and mature platform from which to experience this digital life.

Our XP-displacing, Vista-burying friend really is a great operating system, and easily the equal (if not better) of it’s arch-enemy, the Apple Mac OS.

Anyway, our good mates at have just posted an article about the one-year-old new kid on the Windows block.  The stats given are amazing…7 copies of Windows 7 are sold every second!

Check Out the Article Here.

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