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If you need help from a qualified computer engineer in Perth, then you have come to the right place!

We have been dedicated since 2000 in supplying not just the best PCs, laptops and servers, but also the best network solutions, for home and business, and at any budget.
We back this up with deep IT industry knowledge, quality advice and prompt service”
Mike Fulgaro, Director, interconnect IT solutions.



About us:

We are a Perth, Western Australia based small company of highly focused  tech-heads. If there’s anything we love more than computers, it’s helping people to get more out of theirs.

Over the past 12 years, we have amassed a wealth of experience with Microsoft Windows computers; hardware and software; with a view to applying them to productive business and personal use.  The tool we work with is the PC, or common Personal Computer.

Our Specialties:

We are primarily Windows experts.  This means we can help you if your computer runs Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and the new Windows 8.

In a world of off-the-shelf products, computers have come to be sold as white goods.  This is not anyone’s fault, just the way retail distribution works.  Computers have come to be seen by consumers as commodities, that they can pick up with a new toaster.  The PC you bought with that toaster is a highly precise scientific instrument that requires time, patience and much learning to master.

That’s where we come in.  We…

  • Custom-build PCs to the best spec possible for the price.
  • Set up networks for people in small businesses and homes to allow them to stay connected to all the resources they need.
  • Build and deploy servers using Windows Small Business ServerTHE BEST server solution available for small businesses!
  • Perform repairs, upgrades, troubleshooting on all manner of PCs and computing devices.
  • Operating System upgrades.  From XP or Vista to the excellent Windows 7.
  • Provide support when things go wrong.

We are Microsoft Small Business Server and Windows Server 2012 experts, and we actively manage several networks totaling hundreds of users for our clients.

Our Philosophy:

“The PC, in a few short decades, has transformed our lives.  It brings email and other forms of communication, allows business to be done, provides news and entertainment, social connectedness…and even TV!

interconnect IT aims to support any client with any mix of technology.”


At interconnect IT, we are as focused on the network as we are on the computer.

These days, the need is ever more imperative for your local network to run  smoothly and at high speed.  Think about it, the average home has gone from perhaps 1 desktop computer per household, less than a decade ago, to many, many households in Australia now the home of several PC-based devices.  They are in kids bedrooms, lounge rooms, studies, and scattered about the house as laptop, netbooks, iPads, smartphones, etc etc…

This degree of proliferation is a huge, society-changing shift, and it just goes to show the hunger for information that Australians (who’s behaviours online of course reflect the world at large) have.

Our Website:

The world of computing changes every day, and we want to bring you the freshest news, the hottest products and the latest developments.

We’ve made our site as a “blog”, so that we can constantly keep it up to date, and not static and boring.

We hope you find our site useful and informative.