Here at interconnect IT solutions we pride ourselves on our long history of recommending quality products and services.

In a sea of choices, some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) stand head and shoulders above the crowd.

If you are looking to subscribe to an ADSL broadband service, or you want to increase the speed and capacity of your existing service, then please check out the ISPs below…they come with our full recommendation.

The following Internet companies are renowned for quality and value…please take the time to explore their offerings, and do feel free to contact us if you need advice on choosing a plan…

As one of the fastest growing Internet service providers in WA,  Amnet provides a great value Internet experience. That’s why Amnet’s offer is straightforward.  You’ll receive…

  • A great value plan
  • Excellent customer service.

Quality and value are ingrained into Amnet’s culture and it’s why their business is built on customer loyalty and word of mouth.

Amnet, the consumer division of Amcom Telecom, originated from Amcom’s desire to offer Internet services.

Amnet was purchased by Amcom in 2003 and merged with Wired City in 2004 and Arachnet in 2005 and began the roll-out of its own network and later ADSL 2+ in 2006.

It’s from this amalgamation that Amnet has built a thriving business and is one of the few modern ISPs who own their own network from beginning to end.

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