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We are Passionate about Technology…

…and we apply that passion to all that we do for our clients.  interconnect IT solutions provides a range of services to individuals and businesses that don’t have (or don’t want) in-house technical expertise.

Most businesses need efficient processes and quick access to information and communications in order to survive, grow and flourish.

The task of managing IT infrastructure may fall to partially-experienced staff members (at best), or to no-one at all (at worst).

As organisations grow, technology requirements inevitably become more complex.  This leads to the need for truly independent advice; quality advice that will steer you in the right direction.

Network Solutions & Support

Whether you are a new or existing business that requires a complete network solution designed, implemented and maintained, or have an existing network that you would like to improve or have supported, interconnect IT solutions have the knowledge and skills at our disposal to satisfy all of your needs.  Our technical staff are of the highest calibre, boasting decades of combined experience.  We are a team of qualified computer and network engineers, and are highly customer service oriented.

We have the ability to support you both on-site and remotely, using secure software, to resolve problems quickly and efficiently.


interconnect IT solutions often liaise with organisational IT departments to analyse their existing IT processes and procedures to provide feedback and advice which is based on best practices that have been established through many years of real-world experience.  The outcome is an independent, third-party assessment that focuses on addressing the concerns of management, stakeholders and end users.

Real-time Server Monitoring

We have invested many hours in putting together an enterprise-grade server monitoring solution that allows us to proactively monitor the health and status of the servers and PCs we maintain.

Should a critical server event occur, our staff are notified immediately of the issue and act quickly to resolve any problems.  This ensures you are able to proceed with your daily business activities with minimal interruption.

To find out more about the services we offer, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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