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As a supply-only reseller, we don’t provide a “solution and design service”, and always suggest our customers work with experienced networking professionals for the best outcomes.

As each site is different in many ways, from the materials used in construction, to surrounding obstacles and other factors, general suggestions as to what might work in your particular scenario may lead in unsatisfactory outcomes.

We do love to help though, and we can offer the next best alternative to a basic project design – recommendations from Ubiquiti-trained engineers, whom we have access to through our distribution partnership.

We’re happy to forward your details to the engineers for their recommendation, which should put you well on the right track to determining the products required to achieve a successful outcome.

We do stress that any feedback we provide are recommendations only. The very nature of radio-based networks dictate that a full professional site survey is really the only way to guarantee an optimum result.

You can assist us in helping you get the best recommendation by the guidelines below:

  • Provide as much detail about your current setup as possible.
  • Explain clearly what you wish to achieve using Ubiquiti products.
  • Provide us a floor plan/property map of the office, house, property, boat etc.
    • Having a map showing scale will help the engineers determine how many Access Points and Point-to-Point (PtP) radios will be required, and where they should be placed for the best coverage.
  • If the above isn’t available, a Google Maps (or simple mud map) aerial screenshot of the area, annotated to show scale/distances, location of structures etc.
  • For long-range Point-to-Point (PtP) and Point-to-MultiPoint (PtMP) links, please confirm if there is a clear line-of-sight between the structures you want to establish a link between.
    • For example, between a house and a shed 75 meters away would requite a pair of PtP radios.  These radios are usually mounted on poles to ensure an uninterrupted Line-of-Sight (LoS).
    • Please note that we stress that a pure LoS is required, as even the occasional waving tree branch can disrupt signals, and no manufacturer of any brand can guarantee consistent signal without such a clear line.

Please fill out the following fields, and we’ll do our best to assist:

Once we have the info, we’ll send it off to the engineering team for their suggestion, and get back to you with their recommendation.

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