We use the excellent free AnyDesk remote access software to log in and assist you.

Please follow these steps:

1. Click the AnyDesk image below to download the latest version.

Click to download AnyDesk

2. Click “Run” or save the file to a folder where you’ll be able to find it, eg. your Downloads folder.  Once downloaded, locate the file and double-click to run it.

3. After you run AnyDesk, please click on the “Install AnyDesk on this computer” button, as shown below:

4. Click on “Accept & Install” and click “Yes” if prompted by Windows to allow.

5. Once you’ve got this far, simply make a note of your AnyDesk address.  For example:

6. Call us on 08 9331 3455 and tell us your AnyDesk address…we’ll log in and do the rest 🙂